How can I map Gherkin feature files on a SpecLog workspace?

Gherkin files are stored in your source control system (or your file system), while SpecLog is used to manage your requirements that are visualised on workspaces using cards. These cards can be present on any number of SpecLog workspaces.

Any number of Gherkin files can be linked to a single requirement card using the Link Gherkin File button in the requirement details view (opened by double-clicking on a card on a workspace). The content of the Gherkin file is formatted accordingly in SpecLog, e.g. keywords are highlighted and tables are displayed visually. The requirement card thus servers as a container for Gherkin files related to a particular requirement; the requirement card can be used to map feature files on SpecLog's workspaces.

There is some redundancy between the "Feature: " section of a Gherkin file and what you would write on a requirement card in SpecLog. However, the SpecLog requirement card is more structured, having distinct fields such as a unique ID, actor, goal, value and title, while the "Feature: " section in Gherkin has no additional structure. The use of fields in SpecLog allows requirement fields to be mapped to distinct fields in your work item tracking system (e.g. TFS).

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